Future Life Progression “FLP”

with Angela Brier-Stephenson

“FLP is the latest technique to take the world by storm and leading FLP practitioners are being consulted by everyone from governments, major corporate companies and research units to movie stars and the military.” 

Where will you be in the future? Where will you live? Who will be in your life and how will your career be shaping up? Are you making the most of your life or are there better options?

Future Life Progression is a powerful interactive technique that allows you to glimpse possible futures and therefore make more informed decisions in all aspects of your life now.  It isn’t clairvoyance as the client does all the work through a deep and guided visualisation process.  In boardrooms across the globe, executives hold “strategic planning meetings”, Olympic athletes visualise their goals, with FLP you can do the same!

“I wish I knew what was in store”

Looking forwards allows us to work today towards the goals we wish to achieve tomorrow.

FLP is:

  • A Life changing experience
  • A waking dream therapy
  • An opportunity to peek into your possible futures
  • A way to improve your life now by identifying and making clear your best choices
  • A way of exploring your true potential

Use FLP to:

  • Awaken your subconscious
  • Empower yourself
  • Expand your business
  • Explore possibilities
  • Live your true potential

Anne Jirsch states in her book, (The Future is Yours), “…You can use Future Life Progression to meet your soul mate and find long-lasting love, to reveal your talents and to see exactly where you’ll be in 10 years’ time; choose your own destiny, overcome blocks, and speed up future success; ….discover future trends in the workplace;…..”  It is exciting, pioneering and life changing.

Client Testimonials
“Angela uses gentle and encouraging methods to make you really feel at ease during an FLP session.  Her attentiveness and ability to go with your pace and flow enable wonderful experiences to evolve, leaving you energised and hopeful”  Woman Entrepreneur

“The time flew by and it would have been great to have been able to spend more time on my ‘board’; it was really fascinating how appropriate images and words just sprang from the pages of such varied magazines  I have set aside a certain time each evening for some meditation.  Your choice of venue and facilities on the day were perfect and the planning flexible but seamless, evidence of thorough preparation!  Thank you for a truly moving experience.” HR Consultant

“Experiencing FLP with Angela gave me a snip of what life could (and will) be like…”  I would say…”Go experience FLP for yourself.  Be open, be curious, you might realise something important”  Executive Development Consultant