What clients say …

I have attended Angela’s yoga with mindfulness classes for the past 16 months. I find her classes to be well led, informative and inclusive, and delivered in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. I would recommend her classes to anyone wishing to gain the physical and psychological health benefits from practicing mindfulness yoga.  Lesley

Angela’s yoga class is just what I had been searching for, both gentle and at the same time challenging (if that’s possible). It was important for me to find a class where I could learn new routines each week to then practise at home.  Angela is sympathetic to individual needs and quick to adapt postures when necessary. Must mention also Angela’s enthusiasm and welcoming nature which only adds to the enjoyment.  Thanks…..Paul

I never thought I would enjoy something as much as I’m enjoying mindfulness yoga with Angela (Another Journey Begins). Such a calming relaxing experience that allows time for me whilst doing me a world of good. Angela you’re a master at making everyone feel comfortable and you’re a superb encourager, thank you.   I’m so glad I started mindfulness yoga, the blend of the two is wonderful. I’m loving these classes. Trish, Transformational Coach and Business Owner.

Over the years I have thought about taking Yoga classes. I am now enjoying a beginners class.  Angela our tutor is very patient and supportive. I really look forward to these classes.Retired local resident.

A wonderful hour and half of mindfulness yoga great for beginners and lovely meditation to end with giving you a calm and positive mindset. Angela is a fab tutor takes all your needs into consideration. Local resident.

I just wanted to let you know this week’s Yoga session has really helped me. I feel so much more supple already! Also, I’m being much more mindful of my walking and my general posture which was exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you. I have been doing more Body Scans and have felt much better this week and the pain/discomfort has faded greatly so fingers crossed. Local resident.

Thanks so much for your session on the Power of Music, Silence & Mindfulness. It certainly was entertaining, fun and very interesting. I am so glad that I chose your session as the final presentation of the day – I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am in the process of putting together a Mindfulness course and will strive for my delivery to be as entertaining and informative as yours. Delegate who attended Angela’s session at Kent CIPD’s Being Well Matters Conference.

We have capable managers that we were keen to develop further. After an initial meeting with Angela it was decided that coaching sessions were appropriate. Angela devised a bespoke programme, run over a six-month period, tailored to both the needs of the company and individual support needs. The programme provided invaluable development and support that benefited the company and our managers equally. We would not hesitate to recommend Angela’s bespoke training and coaching solutions.Parkland Estates.

I have been a coach for some time now and I have had a few coaches myself over the years, but I can confidently say that Angela is the best coach I have ever come across. Her gentle and spiritual approach really suits my beliefs and style and her questioning skills are spot on, creating a lot of insights in me. The FLP session was a fantastic experience for me. I was a bit worried as I knew that when it comes to visualisation it really is not something I can do easily nor could I trust myself with anything that came up. Yet, during the whole session with Angela, my visions and images for my future were really clear and vivid! I came out of the session feeling hopeful, buzzing and determined! I would recommend Angela with no hesitation to anyone seeking clarity and needing motivation and support. Thank you Angela.  Sandra, Personal Development and LifeCoach.

Feedback from 2012 Workshops: “I feel it is an extremely valuable process that could and would be of help to so many people in their day to day lives.  It is my hope that your course goes from strength to strength and that many many people use it to gain an insight into their journey and the ability to use the information that they acquire to improve their lives in so many areas.”
Michael, Self Employed Therapist.
“Your choice of venue and facilities on the day were perfect and the planning flexible but seamless, evidence of thorough preparation! Thank you for a truly moving experience.” Philippa.
Thanks Angela for a FLP session it was very informative and has helped me to established my goals for the future and what I need to do now to help me get there. Go and experience a FLP for yourself it will definitely be worth it.  I would definitely recommend Angela for her services, she is very professional and is such a lovely and warm person.
Helen, Image & Beauty Consultant.
I underwent an amazing Future Life Progression with the guidance from Angela. I have never been through a F.L.P before and I was feeling very nervous. Angela helped me to relax and feel completely safe. I was amazed with the amount of information I gained during it and the guidance received to help create that ideal future in 5yrs time. I was very relaxed and happy with the whole experience. Angela created such a lovely experience for me and I really loved the guidance she gave me to see my ideal future. I had confidence with her instructions and guidance; it was very professional but also a hugely healing experience. I felt extremely excited of the prospect of what I can now create to bring that future in five years into reality. By having that knowledge I no longer worry about the future. I would recommend Angela to everyone. Brilliant!!!! Thank you again Angela for the awesome experience.
Sue Parker, H.N.D in fine art.
“The coaching sessions I’ve had with Angela have been invaluable in helping me to focus on the important areas in my life and to really break down my thoughts.”………..”Angela was particularly good at giving me the space to think, really listening to what I had to say.”…………………………”Angela has supported me in a gentle, non judgemental way to find a path that works for me. I have a tendency to procrastinate and take three steps backwards with every two steps forward. Angela has shown patience, understanding and unfailing tolerance of my lesser qualities. At no time during my sessions with Angela have I felt rushed or pushed into anything. Although somehow I have moved on and I am convinced Angela has played a huge role in this”…………………………………”I have been very happy with the outcomes I have achieved with Angela’s support. I am a long way towards achieving my long term goals and I’m much clearer, confident and more focused in what I have achieved to date.” Thank you Angela!
Self-employed Hypnotherapist.
I employed Angela’s services over a period of around 18 months. Angela provided me with a fantastic experience of leadership coaching & professional support during an extremely challenging period. Angela has an amazing array of skills & knowledge, committing herself with genuine zest & unflagging enthusiasm to every task in hand; complemented by her kind nature & depthless patience, Angela is nothing short of an inspiration. As a result of Angela’s determined commitment to helping with my professional development, I have grown my leadership talents way beyond my initial expectations for which I am truly appreciative. Over the course of getting to know Angela as a person that personifies professionalism with that oft missed soul & verve, I would not hesitate to make use of her services again in the future, nor would I hesitate in recommending Angela to other organizations that are looking for leadership & management development coaching & consultancy from a versatile & highly attuned professional”.
Children’s Services Consultant.
My expectations were that I would be coached on specific areas and that I would search within myself for solutions.  A bit daunting before I started because I have so much ‘clutter’ in my head I thought it would be difficult to extract in any meaningful way.  Also, my emotional blocks, I was worried that those not so happy experiences from the past would resurface and that I may find them hard to deal with. But no, Angela was so down to earth, from the first time we met we connected and as she explained the process, thoughts just jumped into my head and away we went. It is thanks to her that I am buzzing with ideas for the future.
Employed Mother of 2 looking to new horizons.
Angela has run a varied programme of personal skills training for us for two years. I have always found Angela to be professional and meticulous in her approach and work. Angela is serious about her role and ensures her training events are fun yet focused. Our feedback confirms and supports this, and employees praise Angela for the encouragement and guidance that she offers during the training events.
Learning Services Manager (Large American Bank)
We have capable managers that we were keen to develop further. After an initial meeting with Angela it was decided that coaching sessions were appropriate. Angela devised a bespoke programme, run over a six-month period, tailored to both the needs of the Company and individual support needs. The programme provided invaluable development and support that benefited the Company and our managers equally. We would not hesitate to recommend Angela’s bespoke training and coaching solutions.
Parkland Estates
Our training day with Angela was comprehensive and fun. The candidates showed renewed enthusiasm after Angela’s workshop and were keen to put their new skills in place. Angela’s positive attitude was infectious and the feedback from the team has been great!
Lorraine Pooley, Customer Services Manager
From very early on in our relationship I knew that Angela was a ‘natural’ – a very warm and approachable person who was passionate about helping people achieve their full potential. I really needed to get my life and business into perspective and I turned to Angela for help. Having several of my own businesses ‘on the go’ at one time I needed to step back, review the situation and then develop a strategy to take me to where I really wanted to be. I had so many things going on, in fact too many things, and Angela’s coaching and support was and still is invaluable. Angela is a skilled and experienced coach and I am most grateful to her for her counsel and her patience. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Angela’s services to others and I am looking forward to the day when we might actually work together. If you would like me to provide more information about how Angela has helped me to sharpen my focus and maximise my performance please feel free to drop me an email I would be really pleased to hear from you. (contact details can be provided by AJB)
“Through the development programmes Angela has run for us she has demonstrated a real professionalism at all levels. She designs and delivers events that are relevant, within budget and that meet, and often exceed, our objectives. Evaluation of her courses is always very positive, with results that impact directly on improving our service delivery. Angela has also consistently shown an ability to connect directly with the delegates, quickly building an outstanding rapport and enabling trust, confidence and achievement to thrive.”
Learning & Development Officer, Home Counties County Council
Angela Brier-Stephenson has worked with me and the SEED Women’s Enterprise Programme since its inception and has been an important gardener in the development of the SEED garden. Her incisive mind, together with her empathetic manner, has contributed to the development of the SEED Flagship programme and particularly the manual for the SEED facilitators. Angela herself is one of our lead facilitators and has led the programme on our behalf throughout various different regions of the UK.
Lynne Franks, author of The SEED Handbook and founder of SEED
I have known and worked with Angela for 6 years. During that time I have been consistently impressed with her engaging approach and professionalism. Whether working with a group or on a one-to-one basis people really benefit from her pragmatic and focused guidance. She adds very real value to the clients she works with.
HR & Development Manager, 
International Asset Management Company
Angela’s enthusiasm and energy is limitless and infectious. Teamed in with the high level of professionalism she shows through her work, she is a priceless asset to any organisation.
Jill Tipping, 
Project Manager, Thanet Business Support Strategy 
Business Link Kent
When I approached Angela about getting involved in a new project, she approached it in her usual dynamic and detailed manner. Angela asked all the right questions to get the knowledge she needed, and then managed and delivered the project in her normal professional way, ensuring that I was always kept up to date with progress.
Sarah Skinner, 
Workforce Development Adviser
 Business Link Kent.
The Bank has called upon Angela’s services in the field of management training. The feedback of the participants has been consistently positive: they have praised her professional approach, her skills in getting the basic messages across, her talent in group dynamics. This evaluation is ground enough for us to continue our cooperation.
Training Manager, Brussels 
Large American Bank
Angela helped to provide professional support whilst creating a fun relaxed atmosphere – and this combination is intoxicating in a learning environment. Thank you for being there and helping us to receive such positive feedback from my client.
Paul Mallinson, 
Purple patch consultancy
I asked for help from Angela as I wasn’t the most confident of people and I was studying for a course through work and couldn’t remember anything that I had read. Angela helped me identify my learning style and use different techniques. These were quite a revelation.As to overall confidence, again through the use of very simple but effective techniques, my life overall and especially through work has improved more than I could ever have hoped. Now when I am faced with difficult situations I am not “overpowered” by self doubt but can face challenges “head on” and more often than not succeed. If I do have a bit of a “set-back” I can now look at this objectively and learn from the experience rather than seeing myself as a failure.Since my coaching sessions I am more focussed and methodical in life generally. I am more ready to step forward take up life’s challenges. My most recent challenge was organising my own wedding which with the aid of my newly learnt skills went completely to plan, was relatively worry free and was the most fantastic day of my life (as it should have been).I am still working on some other areas of my life which have room for improvement but am totally confident that with Angela’s help and encouragement I will soon be conquering these fears as well.
Trust Assistant, London